Prepping for Foreign Service Life
Just so you all do not think Andrew and I went into this cold. We did talk at length with current, former and other future foreign service officers. Our most useful tool were Marie and Israel. Cris at DevTech put us in touch with Marie and Israel who are posted in Nepal. They were nice enough to do an hour and half long skype with us about their experiences. They were extermely
applicable because Israel is an attorney. Andrew had an opportunity to talk at length with an actual lawyer abroad. Though he would want me to note that Israel was right out of school, rather than 3 years into his career like Andrew. Israel had gotten a job through the State Deparment's professionals program. This program, available at certain posts, helps place professionals in appropriate job postings available with the State Department (usually associated with the Embassy).

Marie and Israel also talked us through their day to day, and what they do for "fun" at post. This got us really excited. They were also nice enough to explain to us how they ended up in Nepal, basically randomly.

A Little Light Reading
For those of you curious I have been reading several blogs that are written by current FSO officers (both USAID and State) in order to get an idea of life.

The links are below!


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