This weekend was Thanksgiving and Andrew and I spent a great deal of time in Houston. A large lesson we learned is that we did not explain the foreign service well enough. So I thought I would take a moment and explain it now.

The foreign service is a career and a long term commitment. We will be in Bangkok for two years, however, immediately following those two years we will be reposted to another city in another country. This will continue until we decide we have had enough. At the moment we aren't committing to an "end date." In theory, this is a lifetime job. However, since Andrew is just as committed to the law as I am to international development, we don't intend our lives to be abroad forever.

This translates to yes, we will be in Bangkok for 2 years, but there will be a posting after. We will come home for vacations and short trips, however, there will not be Months in the US between postings.

I hope this clears up confusion.

On Monday, I start back up at FSI. If any DLIers have language related questions I am more than willing to answer them.

Au revoir~!


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