Well after weeks of hard work, the french department gave its students a day off today. My current teacher, valerie, helped to plan an interesting holiday party. The funny thing is in the french department at FSI there is odd mix of africans and french.

The party began with an interesting drum rendition. It was slightly awkward when all the french teachers began dancing to the drum music. However, I appreciate the effort. From there, there was a large spread of food. This included some odd cold cuts, but it was all very tasty. There was also carole singing in french. To be honest, I don't sing caroles in english. But it was cute.

The party oddly concluded with all the professors dancing to random Shakira and Gloria Estefan from YouTube.

Overall it was a good time, and a nice break from class.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of 5 days of Independent Study. FSI, for some reason, cancels classes from the 23-30. In order to avoid taking vacation time, we each prepare our independent study plan. There is no objection to studying from Florida, I checked.

I know I am going to lose weeks worth of knowledge in this period of time, but its worth it for a week of sun and complete avoidance of the upcoming snow.

Will update more from the Keys :)


  1. I don't really see the Bat Mitzvah comparison... we didn't have professors, drum music, cold cuts, or carol singing at ours...


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