Well, last week at FSI was really difficult. I am definitely adjusting to the hours and conceptualizing how much work outside of class they expect from us. Then the French department threw in a wrench. On Monday I started with a new teacher. I went from a laid back West African guy to a woman from France who is very...particular. Apparently my class is behind and now we have around 4 hours a night of homework.

I was ill prepared when the new teacher came in and asked us "so what have you guys learned?" I had hoped the department had better communication and coordination but it doesn't appear to be the case. I am getting along well with my class mates and actually still enjoying learning French, which is the biggest surprise.

Tomorrow is our first casual evaluation. From what the teacher says it is going to be a written exam and oral comprehension. For me, this will not accurately display my french skill. I can write and read! I can't speak. Either way I am sure I will not be moved from my class.

Another week at FSI on the way!


  1. How funny. When I took a French placement exam at GW, they told me I had a lovely accent but didn't comprehend, couldn't write and couldn't read a thing.

    Oh well.


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