OK, well Margaritaville, or St. Somewhere as we like to call it, will be next week.

Scenic view from the hammock by the tiki hut

Right now, however, I'm just waiting in purgatory. Whit gets to take language classes (with Tuesday mornings off - NOT FAIR!), but they don't really have a program for eligible family members. USAID also doesn't really communicate with spouses. So, when people ask me when we're moving and what I'm going to do for a job in Bangkok, I don't really have an answer yet. Unfortunately, USAID's skill sets do not include keeping their employees abreast of information regarding major life changes they've agreed to make. The answer is still, wait and see. I feel like I'm watching soccer:

(skip ahead to about the 1:30 mark to really get my point). So, while I'm hoping the Regional Legal Advisor has a position open for a country Veterans law attorney (or knows where to look), for now it's just "Holds it . . . holds it. . . holds it. . . ."


  1. Andrew, would they let you accompany Whitney to a class?


  2. Teri, i think there are some EFMs who take language classes, but they don't have full time jobs. From what I understand, many foreign service officers have spouses who don't really have professional careers.


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