This week was another shuffling of French classes and a changing of the professors. Originally the French department had told us the shuffling wouldn't occur until the end of January, however, when we arrived in class our teacher indicated we were changing. She pointed at two of the guys in the class and told them to stay and told the other three of us to got to room 2508. The two guys who remained were clearly the more advanced in our class. When we arrived in the room it was a small class with a new teacher.

It became apparent this class was smaller and that the teachers were clearly informed that we needed to speak a great deal more. At first I spiraled into a funk. I was depressed I wasn't progressing at the proper rate and without the more advanced speakers in the class I was going to lose the motivation. I had been really struggling the past couple of weeks to get out coherent sentences. My basic sentence structure was not advancing. Now shockingly, my vocabulary was doing really well, but either my anxiety or fears was holding back my speaking.

But after a week, I love my new teacher and my class is really a supportive environment. The people in it are encouraging and the teacher drills sentences, asking us to constantly tell him what we are doing the next day, what we did last night and other things like what our homes look like and what our spouses do. This constant communication is really going to improve my speaking and the tensionless room has made me less nervous about speaking.

So even though the week was really hard, and accepting that I have a whole lot of work in front of me was hard, I have complete faith in my ability to learn French...The elusive 3-3 is still way far and I am not sure I will get there, but I am a tad more confident.


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