Well I know I have neglected to blog. The last evaluation went ok. I am at the level I needed to be at. I have upped my studying game and am really buckling down. This has included a great deal of reading and listening to the news in french. is an excellent resource for this for all my french studying colleagues. Additionally, the digital age is really helping my because RFI (french news) and LaMonde both have cell phone applications so I can listen to the news while on the go. This also means I spend a lot less time in the FSI lab. Though I am listening about all the protests while moving on the eliptical. However, lately when discussing anything political, I have to add the caveat "But I read/heard that in French, so it could be wrong."

Additional news to report is that we are progressing on a departure date. Thailand is getting excited to have us and it looks like it will be Early July (July 1 is being tossed around).

As my fellow DLIers begin heading out (some to Thailand), they have been great about answering questions and not being creeped out when I ask "Can I watch you pack?"

We will keep everyone in the know. We saw photos of the home our DLI friends headed to Bangkok in 2 weeks will live in. Its spectacular! We are totally pumped.


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