We usually try to rant and rave about all the good things on the foreign service. I was very disappointed to read these posting about the pets in Cairo this week.

I have a lot of thoughts about the revolution in Cairo. And Andrew has been writing at length about it on his other blog We were not entirely surprised that they evacuated the embassy staff from Cairo, but we truly support the revolutionaries desire to live in a democracy.

However, what upset the dubinsky clan was this posting:
Amid the political riots in Egypt, the U.S. State Department is evacuating U.S. nationals. But evacuees are being told that they are not allowed to take their animal companions on the plane. This leaves the terrified evacuees with an impossible choice: leave their beloved companions behind to face certain death, or risk their own lives by remaining in Egypt in order to stay with their animals.

Dogs and cats who are left behind by people fleeing Egypt face similar -- if not worse -- peril, and chances that they will ever be reunited with their guardians are slim to none. The people fleeing Egypt have already had their lives turned upside down. It's a low blow for their own country to put them through the heartache and stress of leaving their animal family members behind and wondering what will happen to them.

A State Department contact has confirmed to PETA that decisionmakers are discussing ways to create more animal-friendly standard operating procedures for future evacuations, but the people and animals who are caught in the turmoil in Egypt need help right now. With the stroke of a pen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could put an end to the heartbreaking destruction of families today. Please urge the Department of State's Egyptian Task Force to allow evacuees from Egypt to take their animal companions with them.

Dogs and cats have no political affiliation, and they don't start riots. They don't deserve to be left behind to die in a crisis created by humans.
I found it reprehensible that the US government would allow us to bring our canine family members and have no plan for evacuation. This reaffirms what I always thought, that as a pet owner we have to hire help at post in case of this exact emergency. I hope the us government pays more attention to this situation in the future and that Elko and Menlo are never forced to be left behind.


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