So as andrew posted last week I had my first go at the french language exam. And I managed to pass the reading, but not the speaking. So fail and not fail. This means we most likely are around for another month. First and foremost, AID is working to schedule me another exam. This is oddly proving to be difficult. Apparently, there is an influx of people who want to be tested in French. I am hoping to test at the end of June/ early July. This will hopefully get us out soon.

I got an email from Bangkok, they were hoping I could arrive closed to the 1st, but this is sadly not going to happen.

Why did I fail? They sited pronunciation issues (and certain words in particular), also some conjugation problems. And for those of you who know french, I used connaitre instead of savoir ONCE. Seriously, its obnoxious how particular they are.

Unfortunately, I no longer have my awesome teacher at DLS. He has since moved on and since pronunciation was such an issue they brought in a Moroccan man who grew up in France to whip me into shape. At the moment, I am hating his teaching technique, but as I told mom today. I will give him tomorrow too.

I have on QUICK trip to houston next weekend and the weekend after celebration! Its all going to start happening really fast, despite my failure.


  1. I'm learning French at FSI and I mostly just want to punch it in the face. Savoir and Connaitre are the worst. I swear it's a fluid concept.

    Congrats on the reading portion! Good luck the next go round.

  2. Sorry about the oral. Years ago when I studied Spanish, I always did better on the written grammar and reading parts than I did on the oral part. Just couldn't get it together in my head fast enough (yes, I know that could go in other directions). Do you watch any French programs or movies? La Cage Aux Folles comes to mind. It's very funny.

    Wishing you good luck in your next exam.


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