So once I failed my test, Andrew and I buckled down and seriously got moving on the getting out process. The process with AID is long, tedious, and has many many steps. We have scheduled our "pack out" (which for non AID people means the company comes and takes away all our stuff) for August 10th. The company came by and estimated it could take as many as 3 days to pack out our stuff. The next common question is where is all our stuff going? Well, I will tell you. There are four and a half types of stuff:

1) Stuff we are taking on the plane: Normal packing rules apply here, and we are probably taking a couple bags each. In these bags will be clothes, basic toiletries, medications, and essentially any of your normal travel items. We will be spending two nights in Hong Kong. We will have one bag just for that section of the trip so we don't have to dig through big bags.

2) UAB (Unaccompanied Air Baggage): this is a 36in x 19in x 37in box that will arrive around a week after we get there. This box will include additional clothes, the rest of our toiletries, food (lots of food), dog food, and any cutesy art or household items we might want right away. I am thinking the french (freedom?) press and some dishes, Andrew is thinking his drawing of Shea Stadium that is hanging in the bathroom now :)

3) HHE (Household Effects): This is all the household items we are bringing with us. This includes any non furniture items you have seen in our house. For example, if you purchased us a wedding gift it is coming with us! Additionally HHE will include the rest of the food we are bringing. Items we are already stocking up on include maple syrup and peanut butter. Also soda, we have been compulsively buying soda. The trip to Costco included giant boxes of sweet n low and BAGS and BAGS of coffee.

**Luckily for us we have Elisa and John helping us with the move and suggesting what food to bring. :)

4) Storage (storage): All of our furniture is going to storage. In addition, certain items we won't be needing in Thailand. For some reason I think all my outdoor Xmas and Halloween decorating stuff will just not be necessary. Additionally, we are sorting through various childhood stuff that isn't necessary.

We are also getting rid of a lot! Goodwill and Andrew are getting to be great friends! We are doing our best to purge.

For the moment we are on track and the basement has begun to be separated in different sectors of life by category. I do feel like I am ranking my stuff a tad. But there is not much else we can do.

Between pack out and our flight we will be staying in a hotel in crystal city. We are pumped.

Unfortunately, we still have A LOT to do. This includes some house remodels. We have to redo some stuff in the kitchen left over from the great fire of 2011 and we need to have all the walls repainted and plaster repairs in some places. But andrew located a neighbor who is really willing to get started on the work.

Please feel free to post questions in the comment section or on FB.


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