So for me, whitney, last nights National Night Out was a reality check that we are in fact leaving in a week and a half. All our neighborhood showed up to celebrate the national holiday fighting back against and raising the awareness of crime in our neighborhoods. Amidst the normal, kids playing, drop by by the mayor, and Andrews schmooozing with our political representatives, was an air of sadness. Everyone was coming up to us and wishing us good luck. Some people gave us that mouth dropped look of "you are going where?" I guess "I'm moving to Thailand" isn't a common sentence in Lynhaven.

Additionally, our supportive friends and neighbors came up with contacts and suggestions of places to see and people to talk to. It was a great and sad feeling.

Guess we really are moving huh?

We spent the last week prepping our house for renters and according to Andrew, the house is available to rent :)


  1. Good Morning Whitney and Andrew. I've just had a chance to catch up on your plans. So, it's really going to happen? You're going half way 'round the world to represent your country and do good things? You're going to visit Buddhist statues, ride a sampan, and befriend an elephant? I'm lucky I get to know people like you.

    It looks like you had a blast at the farewell party and I saw some familiar faces in the photos. Like the rest of your friends, I'd like to stay in touch. When you can, please let some of us know how we can write you a letter; a plain, old-fashioned paper letter that is.


  2. Dan, we hope you have the chance to take a "quick" vacation to Thailand. Can you let me know what email address you're checking now so I can send you our mailing address?


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