Sorry for the delay but between getting situated, starting work and checking in with the embassy things have been CRAZY here. Thank goodness life is starting to normalize and calm down.

So...a little about where we are. We are being put up in an extremely nice apartment complex in a neighborhood called Sathorn on the fringes of Downtown Bangkok. We are not really close to the sky train but there is an underground metro stop relatively close that connects to the sky train only a few stops away. We committed the last week to getting to know our neighborhood better and doing a couple touristy things. The neighborhood is great. There are a bunch of restaurants, both thai and other types of food, within walking distance. There are two really close small markets (one is a 7 eleven) and there is an open air medium sized (for bangkok) market on saturday mornings RIGHT next door. Andrew and I can continue our tradition of buying fruit on the weekends we started in Del Ray.
Andrew had a good week. He made some new friends in the building and started playing racquetball with some great guys. Elisa Adelman and John Gray have been positively amazing to us and helping us get situated. They introduced us to a bunch of youngish people in the building and a lot of people with dogs. Additionally, they drove us to the large market to help us buy the essentials. We truly appreciated having someone in the building we knew to help us out.

Bangkok in general so far is great. I am sure this blog will be all about the nuances. For instance, Andrew and I are pumped we can reach the poles on the metro and elevators work oddly here. Additionally I will spend some time this week blogging a little more about my role at the embassy and show off some AID projects.
I have included some pictures in this post but check out the album for additional photos. Overall we are really happy! And we anxiously await the arrival of Elko and Menlo next week.
Oh and for all those who know my mom...she has already booked her first trip in October :)

From Esmeralda and Sathorn Neighborhood


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