Today Andrew and I completed the process at the embassy getting "checked in." This has been a two week long process with many many steps. We have met with everyone from Customs and Housing to the US Post Office on the Embassy grounds. We had a chance to play in the embassy commissary. The commissary carries american products that are hard to get normally, however you PAY for it. Today Andrew noticed Cap'n Crunch was $6.50 and we purchased a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee for $12.

Side Note: The Dunkin Donuts coffee was necessary because in addition to EPIC jet lag, we have noticed we are having trouble waking up. We attribute this to the noticeable lack of caffeine in the coffee here. Evil tricksters! Also, it tastes bad. Thank g-d the French Press is in the UAB (to be addressed later)

Today's briefing ended with a meet and greet with the Ambassador Kenney. Her resume is available for all those curious here. She seemed very nice and welcoming. She encouraged Andrew and I to join the first tour group which is very active in Bangkok. The Deputy Chief of Mission joined her and was equally enthused to meet us. For those curious, the American Embassy in Thailand has an active Facebook and Twitter feed (sounds like a good excuse for why I am on Facebook at work).

After our in briefings today Andrew and I came home, bought a $2 at our local dive Thai restaurant (or I suppose I should say Restaurant) and on the way back we saw our first Lady Boys (google it yourself). Note to John: Buff Betty.

So where's our UAB? Or as my mom would say "Wheres the U Box?" According to Customs (who we met today) this could take up to 3 more weeks. Which is bad, because we are through most of our clothes and are going to have to actually buy detergent when we have GIANT ones in the UAB. I am extremely excited to get all our coffee and coffee related products. Additionally, it will be nice to have some things to make this large apartment feel more like home. And speaking of this place feeling like home...



  1. $12 Dunkin Donuts coffee?! Oh the horror!! It sounds like a bad Bostonian nightmare. If Thai coffee is worse than that, I can't imagine what watery shwill they must be serving.

    Best wishes from the homeland!

    -David R


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