Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same There’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

Well, first of all, congratulations to Whitney on getting her tenure in French (although she's still downstairs trying to figure out a way that she could have possibly gotten a 2+). Tenure means that she will never have to test for French again and can go career foreign service (beyond 5 years) if we should choose. I guess the part of the my post where the mothers should skip to the end and write something nice in the comments is getting earlier and earlier. Anyway, I'm very proud of Whit. She worked hard for near 10 months and accomplished a great deal.

Now, back to the boxes. Unfortunately, they don't all look the same and they are not made out of ticky tacky. Our whole house, actually our whole lives, are divided into 4 boxes: storage, UAB, HHE, and luggage. This is rather frustrating because we have no idea what we're doing. Everything we look at needs to be categorized, but we don't know what should go UAB, what should go in luggage, and so on and so on. At any rate, we start packing out in 2 days. I'm ready to get to Hong Kong and then Bangkok. At least we know we have a definite end date for this part of the process.

Of course, the last month or so couldn't have just been easy. We needed to some minor cosmetic repairs to our house to make it more rentable. A couple months back, we removed the chain link fence from the front yard and built a new retaining wall (Sorry, no photos. But Niamh will come by this weekend to photograph the house for rental ads). We also put a brand new stove in around this time. In the last two weeks or so, we had a contractor come in to remove the bulkhead above our cabinets, install a new microwave/exhaust fan to match the stove, move the cabinets up a few inches so the microwave's distance from the stove was up to code, repaired some water damage to the walls, painted the entire interior a sterile white, apply a fresh coat of white paint to the porch and paint the porch stairs and floor green, replace the back storm door, repair the newels and spindles on the staircase, and do some masonry work. For a while, the dust from sanding the walls was brutal on our lungs and colds. Well worth it. It looks great. Especially the porch, and the new microwave is awesome. I hope our tenants appreciate it.


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