Sorry for the delay, but as Kevin Smith would say, we had a week. Whit's mom came in on Tuesday to help us move. She was a big help, and Wednesday went very smoothly with the packers and the movers. It was also my last day at work. My senior counsel, judge, chief judge, and deputy vice chairman (for you civilians, they make up most of the management of my decision team) took me out to lunch. If any of you are reading this, I want to thank you again.

By about 5:00 that night, the moving company had packed and moved out our entire UAB and HHE shipments. It turns out we didn't really understand UAB, but I'll let Whit explain that. We then turned on our inner nerds. There's an election coming up, and we had to vote early. You know you're a nerd when you insist on voting in the primary for state senate. Actually, we mostly wanted to sign up for absentee ballots through the 2012 presidential, but I also told one of the candidates we would vote for him (those of you as nerdy as us will pick up the clues in that sentence). I digress. When we were trying to figure out how to get the absentee ballot, someone came in with his kids to vote. Needless to say, he finished much quicker than we did. On the way out, though, we walked past him as he was getting into his car. The man stopped us and said, "I just wanted to thank you for serving our country. Sounds like you got a great post until, well, you know, all the recent stuff that's been going on." Nice touch, thank you sir. We then checked into our hotel a night earlier than planned on Wednesday, and Marriott upgraded us to the suite!

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Thursday's move didn't go as smoothly as Wednesday. We only had storage stuff left and were hoping to get done by noon. But no. They took Again, I'll let Whit explain this one a little bit more, but the owner of the company was not too pleased. They finished at about 6:30, and the house was eerily empty. Stuart flew in that night, and we spent the rest of the week visiting our favorite restaurants, seeing our friends, and getting ready to leave the country.

Fast forward to this morning. Our flight was supposed to leave for JFK Airport at 9:15. We boarded on time, and moved on to runway. Then we sat. And sat and sat. I think I took 3 naps. There was some "weather" in NY, but that apparently didn't affect our second leg to Hong Kong. We sat long enough that the plane ran out of fuel even though the pilot "turned off engine number 1." So the geniuses that work for American Airlines decided to bring the plane back to the jetway to refuel and allow the passengers to deplane to "walk around and get something to eat" before the really long 1 hour flight to NY. At the end of those 20 minutes, they just cancelled the flight: "Sorry, you're not going to NY today, and we can't get you a single flight to Hong Kong until tomorrow afternoon." Several hours of phone calls later, we finally rebooked a trip and got out 2 nights in Hong Kong back. It'll be a day later and much more complicated, but we now fly DC to St. Louis to LA to Tokyo to Hong Kong. So in the end it all worked out. Now we're hanging out at the Crowne Plaza and will try again tomorrow.


  1. Oh no! Glad you found a flight to HK in the end, but it sounds like a marathon! Just think of our training whitney and you'll be ready to take on a flight of any length :)


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