Saturday, Andrew and I decided to be joiners!  We receive the newsletter for the Community Liaison Office (CLO) weekly and have started signing up for day trips to meet new people and get to know the country we live in.  The CLO sponsors countless events in association with all the departments posted abroad.  The CLO office here is spectacular and is working closely with Andrew to help him find a job.  The CLO office organized a trip on this long holiday weekend to Ko Kret.
Ko Kret Style Pottery
Ko Kret is an island about an hour outside Bangkok known for its pottery and temples.  To get there we took a bus to the river and a "ferry" that nearly didn't make it.  Unfortunately, tourism has had a HEAVY influence on the island and the ancient pottery has been replaced with cheap plastic Japanese toys and ubiquitous bowls.  There were still lovely temples with striking Buddha figures.  The architecture on Ko Kret was also spectacular.  It was a distinctive structure with a high reliance on white steeples.  Each temple was decorated with gold leaf a red clothes unique to Ko Kret.
Overall we were disappointed with the lack of tour and "disneyland" shopping, but we did manage to buy a couple nice pieces and appreciated the CLO handling the transportation.  Interesting enough, Ko Kret is an island heavily affected by the changing season in Thailand.  It felt like half the island was under water during this rainy season.  The rainy season really does cause daily downpours and large influxes of water into the street.  At one point Andrew and I were trudging through the streets of Ko Kret without shoes because we were in calf deep water.
A main public square in Ko Kret...underwater
It was an interesting experience!  Side Note: Thai/ Ko Kret Souvenir Mugs...MUCH nicer than the plastic crap in the US :)
See Souvenir Pot (cost $1)
Andrew Vs. Rooster!  My money is on the rooster


  1. Love the slide show, we will get to sight see with you. Love it.......xoxo Aunt Wendy

  2. Looks fab! We bought our Thailand travel book this weekend. Can't wait to see all the sites!


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