At 4:15 yesterday afternoon, there was a knock at our door.  Our landlord came to tell me that the dogs were downstairs - fresh off their trip from New York to Bangkok via Amsterdam.  Our dogs are international - and maybe a little jet lagged.

Elko and Menlo were quite excited to be in their new home

Elko took the trip like a champ.  He was completely unphased and ready to explore the neighborhood.  Also, he likes the cold floors.

Menlo is doing OK.  He's a little confused and frightened though in odd ways.  He's still scared of taller men and absolutely does not like parked motorcycles.  He has no problem with cars or moving motorcycles.  But if they're parked, he's not having anything to do with them.  The soi dogs were also interested in him, and that may have freaked him out a little.  However, with each walk, he's gaining more confidence and should be just fine.

The dogs have been busy since they arrived chewing on these rawhide bones I bought them at the pet store near Big C.  In a bit of a role reversal, Elko has been stealing Menlo's bone from him even though Menlo used to steal Elko's toys in DC.  As you can see, he has both of them in this picture.  It must be because we're in a different hemisphere.


  1. Fabulous! Love that the pups are at home with you and reacting differently on the other side of the world. I will need semi-regular updates on how they adapt.

  2. Love these pictures.

  3. I am so happy to see your post on the arrival of your dogs. I am looking at international teaching jobs in Thailand and I will be bringing my dog. It's good to know that others move with their dogs as well. What is the reaction by locals when you walk them? I have been told that Thais do not like dogs.

  4. I would not at agree with the statement "Thais do not like dogs." Dogs are everywhere here. The street dogs live on every corner and are generally friendly, a little territorial at times, but generally friendly. Thais are cautious of dogs. They don't come up to my dogs the way americans do, but no one has reacted poorly. Granted when Thais come by the house, we give them warning. Our housekeeper has adapted nicely to the mutts and Elko follows her around when she is there. I think the dog stigma about Thailand is old. The main concerns are the lack of sidewalks (which makes walking a challenge), a lack of public parks that allow pups and the soi (street) dogs. Please feel free to post any and ALL questions. There are tons of dog owners in my building and if I dont have an answer they will.


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