This is the first weekend where Bangkok started to feel like home.  To be honest, I truly thought this wouldn't happen until we got all our stuff (which is looking like it will happen in late October). We had a chance to just have a regular weekend of going out with friends, eating dinner, and doing errands.  It felt nice.

Friday night we went to BBQ night at the JUSMAG, Joint US Military Advisory Group Thailand.  It is a military facility that has a gym, a bar, and luckily enough for Andrew, a racquetball court.  There were a lot of older Americans at BBQ night, but shockingly a lot of younger Thais.  We ate decent ribs and played darts.  The food was a nice alternative to Thai food.

Saturday we spent the morning just hanging out and doing things around the house, which was really relaxing.  After that we met up with a new DLI who is doing a TDY in Indonesia and stopped by for an overnight in Bangkok.  We explored vegetarian meal options in Bangkok and chatted about the DLI program.  That night we went to the British Club for Dinner Theatre.  Our friend Emily, who lives in the building, was in their production of Pygmalion.  I also gave them my information so I can try to help out with the community theatre company in the future.  It would be a good way to meet people outside the work environment.

After the show, we (along with friends) headed up to a rooftop bar in the Banyan Tree Hotel.  The bar was called Vertigo and the drink prices were high (as in American prices), but the view was SPECTACULAR.  I think I had the best martini of my life.  Sorry Dad, but it was a lychee martini that was absolutely delicious and knocked me out for about 12 hours.  Andrew appreciated the Glenfiddich on the rocks.

Sunday was PANCAKE MORNING!  Andrew made his famous batch of pancakes and we enjoyed a french press.  Afterwards. we headed to our local Irish pub to meet up with friends and watch Rugby.  Great, ANOTHER sport to learn the rules for!  :)  The most entertaining part was a toss up between the Irish band playing Country Roads and seguing from Whiskey in the Jar to Crocodile Rock and back to Whiskey in the Jar.

It was nice to just have a "normal weekend."


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