As you may have heard on the news or read on Andrew's FB status, a very large portion of Thailand is currently under water.  According to recent reports, high tide has reached its maximum and the waters are beginning to recede.  Bangkok wasn't greatly affected, but we did see large amount of flooding, that reminded me of what happens in Houston when the Bayous flood.  The North of Thailand, however, has been heavily affected.  I will be posting some pictures (courtesy of the US embassy FB page) throughout this article.

This minor disaster demonstrated two key things to me.  #1) The US Embassy has our backs.  During the last week we received MULTIPLE updates from USAID Mission leadership and office directors.  Memo's went out reminding us to stock up on can goods, feminine products and pet food.  Additionally, the Ambassador held a town hall meeting last week to hear concerns and give advice.  All were welcome and even though I was swamped with work, Andrew was able to attend.

#2) The US is on this!  I have been wowed by the US mobilization to help Thailand.  A team of US military personnel arrived last week to act as advisers to the Thai government.  Additionally, as mentioned in this article, the US sent a team of disaster experts to the country to asses flood devastation and set up a plan for flood relief.  Psst two of these experts are in my general development office.

Despite my low key write-up, the devastation to the people of Thailand is still great.  A lot of friends and family of people who work here at USAID are without homes and heavily effected by the flooding.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the Thai Red Cross website.


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