And yes, it really does feel like Christmas.  Watching the five moving men unload and unpack all our stuff, I couldn't stop running George Carlin's skit through my head:

The embassy had arranged for our "stuff" to be delivered at 1pm because I finish Thai language class at noon.  So far, every time we have had a delivery, it has come exactly on time.  I was pretty confident I could get back from class, walk the dogs, eat lunch, and still have some time to kill, but when I walked up the driveway to our apartment complex, the guard came up to me and pointed at a truck.  Our stuff was actually 45 minutes early.  When does that ever happen in the US?

The Truck Was Waiting for Me
About 5000 Pounds Worth of Stuff

The Storage Guys Thought We Were the "Dunsky" Family...HHE Apparently Thought We Were the Dubinson Family

Our house is now a disaster area.  Even though we had gotten used to living with just the bare necessities, it's comforting to have all our stuff.  I was eagerly awaiting my extra contact lenses since the ones I was using were about a month past their shelf life (side note: thank you to my eye doctor for telling me they were sending an extra trial set and then not sending it - that's the Hour Eyes in Pentagon City mall).  I'm pretty sure Whit was most excited for her Halloween decorations. Yes, she found the two boxes I let her bring and has already set up all her decorations.  I was also excited for my record player and remembering all the fun art we had bought recently and a few years back.  Our Hemingway House sketch is going to look great in the spot we selected for it.    

We've done most of the unpacking and setting up what feels like a new house.  If the flooding in Bangkok is as bad as they're making it out to be, we'll have plenty of time to rearrange everything this weekend.  Check back and maybe we'll add some photos.  


  1. #1 Halloween decorations are up and they look SPECTACULAR

    #2 Only andrew dubinsky can manage to ALWAYS work in a carlin sketch

  2. Awesome!! That seems really quick for your stuff to get there (though i'm sure it didn't feel quick to you!). How far in advance did you find out when it would be there? How long did they tell you it would take?

  3. I think the ability to always work in a Carlin sketch is an underappreciated talent! You go, Andrew! And congrats on getting your I can stop feeling guilty about having MY stuff!

  4. Laura, they gave us updates when we asked but it was usually when our stuff would arrive at port. It seems like different countries can clear it through customs quicker. It seems like Estonia can do it quickly - not like that will help you with Nepal. I think they gave us a few days notice for when they could deliver but scheduled around our plans.

    Digger, we'll let you continue to feel guilty about having your car! Will we be seeing some Carlin on LAJ?


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