Northern Thailand's flooding might be getting worse (Bangkok is still dry).  I don't want to make light of the traumatic plight of the Thai people, but I don't think you could make this up:
It is estimated that more than 300 crocodiles from farms around the north of Bangkok have escaped after their enclosures became flooded by excess water.
Thailand’s Pubic Health Minister, Vitthaya Buranasiri, has made an offer of 1,000 baht for any crocodiles captured dead or alive.
According to reports, the reptiles can be found up to several metres in length and dangerous to humans.  Some have been seen swimming in floodwaters situated around the province of Nonthaburi and as far north as Ayutthaya.
Just to clarify, 1000 baht is about $30.  Anyone want to create a 6 man croc hunting team?

Now, on a more serious note, at least 315 people have died due to flooding in the 27 provinces affected by flooding.  Many more have lost their possessions.  You can follow the flooding and make a donation if you feel so inclined at the Thai Red Cross Society web page.


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