Welcome to the future!  Who knew I would have to travel all the way to Thailand to experience a true movie going experience.  OK, I am exaggerating a bit, but the 4D movie experience at Siam Paragon (a mall) is a true experience.  I was unaware until recently that Bangkok has the world's first 4D movie theater.

This weekend, in true Andrew and Whitney fashion, we decided to go to the movies.  We drove OUR CAR! (don't worry post on automobile arrival coming later) to the mall and were pumped for a film.  We decided to see Transformers 3, and though this is not a movie reviewing site, I would never recommend it without the 4D (otherwise it was pretty blah).  But I digress.

What is 4D you ask?  Well for any of you readers who have been to Disneyworld, its like Bug's Life or, for you old schoolers, Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3D, where there are interactions outside the screen.  First, the seats move, so (depending on how action packed your film is) you turn with planes and vibrate with gun shots.  The seats go up and down and left and right.  Needless to say, this is not a good option for a date because hand holding...etc..gets difficult.  

Additionally, the theater is equipped with fans that blow on you throughout the film.  For instance during the scenes with car chases and skydivers you were in the scene.  Car chases and skydivers?  Did I just spoil Transformers?  Lol.

Moving on, there are also lights flashing that go with laser blasts and water that sprays at you from the seat in front of you.  Thank goodness there were very little water scenes in Transfomers, shoot another spoiler.

Overall the experience was fun.  Is it the future of movies?  Meh, I doubt it.  But it was an experience. 


  1. Was the movie in English with Thai subtitles?

  2. Yeah, Maggie. I think all American movies are English with Thai subtitles.


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