Before I begin my brief story about dinosaurs, I wanted to highlight Digger's post at Life After Jerusalem.  She takes Rick Perry to task for his ignorant comments that show off how ill prepared he is to be a leader on a national scale.

Now, on to the dinosaurs!  I've told some of you about how we have real life dinosaurs living in Bangkok and on the embassy grounds (I'm looking at you Cindy).  The first time I saw one of these dinosaurs, we were walking to the Marine House for happy hour, and this thing was crawling across the parking lot.  Nobody told me dinosaurs lived at the embassy.  I think my response involved a string of curses that would make a sailor proud.  Anyway, I was meeting Andy and John for lunch today and there were two dinosaurs swimming in the moat that surrounds the New Office Building (NOB), which is the main part of the Embassy compound.

OK, so they're actually called monitor lizards.  But they're about 3-4 feet long, scaly, and have these thick stumpy legs.  They also have forked tongues that are about 6 inches long and huge fingers and nails. If you get close to them, they actually hiss at you.  These pictures don't do them much justice.  I took these with my cell phone while standing about 6-8 feet above the water.  Here's a better one from a monitor in Lumpini Park:


  1. I got to enjoy monitor lizards in Sri Lanka in the Peace Corps. Those guys can really be bad @$$ - watch the tails! And be careful - 3-4 footers are still little guys.


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