Mele Kalikimaka Is the Thing to Say Mele Kalikimaka Is the Thing to Say

Editor's Note: Whitney wrote about The Civil Service Recognition Act this morning.  The Act is a long overdue piece of legislation that...

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11:26 AM

Flags for Civilians Flags for Civilians

Don't worry, your article on our trip to Phu Quoc is coming soon, but in the meantime...this article ran in the NY times last week, and...

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6:24 AM

Spousal Employment Spousal Employment

Last week, I walked over to Andy's apartment before racquetball, and he was quite excited about this article on the BBC web page.  As ...

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2:42 PM

Thai Holidays Thai Holidays

Out of respect to our host country and the foreign service nationals that help the embassy run, the embassy is usually closed on Thai holid...

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2:23 PM

World AIDS Day World AIDS Day

Though this blog primarily tracks the life and travels of Andrew and Whitney Dubinsky, we do at heart greatly support the continued educati...

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4:50 AM
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