Caption Contest Caption Contest

We've decided to run our first ever contest on the blog. Here are the rules: Write a caption for this picture and post it in a co...

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2:47 AM

Gone Fishin' Gone Fishin'

As many of you know, I promised that I would take up commercial fishing when we found out that we were moving to Bangkok.  So far, I've...

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3:32 PM

Vientiane Vientiane

It's been a while since we've posted.  There hasn't been too too much going on here, especially since we spent some time in the...

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1:56 PM

Thoughts and Prayers Thoughts and Prayers

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the FS abroad who needlessly suffered.  Not only those who lost their lives, but thos...

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5:00 AM

5+/ 5- to life in the BKK 5+/ 5- to life in the BKK

Foreign Service Blog Round Up Well as been floating around on FS Blogrolls (and I am late on this), the theme for this month's blogro...

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2:31 AM

A Weekend in Germany, Jaaa! A Weekend in Germany, Jaaa!

After Whit left Kazan, the best way to return to Thailand was to transit through Frankfurt with an overnight due to the length of the fligh...

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1:54 PM

Kazan Kazan

Since this blog is meant to be a chronicle on the travels of the Dubinskys, I thought I would share with you my recent trip to Kazan.  I ...

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3:41 AM

Ha Ha Ha Ha Hash Run Ha Ha Ha Ha Hash Run

A couple guys from the embassy and I found a local hashing club that runs once a month on the Friday closest to a full moon.  If you're...

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8:35 AM

Pregnant in Bangkok Pregnant in Bangkok

So!  As you may have heard, seen, read, etc.  We are pregnant!  We are incredibly excited and looking forward to all the new experiences th...

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3:17 AM
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