First let me start by apologizing for my lack of participation in this blog.  Andrew and I had such high hopes to write every week, and though Andrew is doing a better job, I have been awful.  In the last couple of month I have visited Timor-Leste on TDY and Cambodia with Andrew (where he took the Foreign Service written exam...and passed :)  ).  We have set up a solid life here in Bangkok and both of us are quite used to the day to day.  It was surprising to me how much of a home and a network of friends we have set up here.  I think some of the friends Andrew and I have made are some of the closest friends we have ever had.

The last three weeks I spent in DC.  I was attending two weeks of training in DC.  Trade and Investment and Advanced Projects in Development Economics, both of which were interesting and should help with my day-to-day life.  Additionally, I presented to a LARGE group of people on the economic analysis the team I was on did in Timor-Leste.

It was great seeing all our DC friends.  Margaret put together a great karoke night in my honor and I had dinner with lots of people.  My parents were AWESOME and came to DC for the first weekend and we spent the weekend just hanging out, eating and shopping!  It was great spending time with everyone and catching up.  But I really missed my family.  As great as it was to be back in the US, as everyone said it would be, it really gave me perspective on the fact that Andrew is really my home, and wherever he is I feel comfortable and happiest.  (Oh and Elko and Menlo too!).  Too be REALLY honest, it was a rough 3 weeks apart, especially given the time zones.

So its great to be back in Bangkok!!!  I will write more about Bangkok, Travels and all things Asia in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Dear Whitney and Andrew,

    Greetings from Vanuatu.

    Glad to hear you got to go see the folks in Washington even if you sometimes feel more comfortable in Thailand now. I'm sure your parents were very glad to see you. Did you get to see any of our mutual friends too?

    Some day I'll have to ask you all about Advanced Projects and International Economic Development. For now, I've got this village water project going that's advanced enough for my tastes.

    I'm writing to you from Luganville on the the island of Santo in a clean little backpackers hotel with free, but intermittent and very slow WiFi internet. If I can, I'll try to bring up some of your recent posts and catch up on what you've been up to.

    Have you been having a pleasant rainy/cyclone season. I've heard there was flooding in Bangkok, but I'm a little starved for news and it probably happened weeks if not months ago. If your older posts load, maybe I'll be enlightened. Down here, we've had some storms and a close call with a hurricane, but after we scurried around in preparation, it changed direction and didn't even shred the leaves on the banana trees.

    By the way, my group of volunteers will be finishing service in November. I think a few will be passing through Thailand. Maybe I'll tag along. I'll be in touch before then.

    Daniel Gerszewski


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