A couple guys from the embassy and I found a local hashing club that runs once a month on the Friday closest to a full moon.  If you're unaware, a hash house harrier is an international group of non-competitive running, social and drinking clubs.  I know DC had a chapter, and I think Bangkok has a few.  Basically, someone goes out ahead of the group and marks a trail through urban back streets or farms or somewhere else that you normally wouldn't explore.  After he marks it, the rest of the group starts out running and trying to find the marks that he left.  At the end, they all get together and play a bunch of drinking games in a ceremony that is, I think, pretty similar around the world.  Hashers like to call themselves a drinking club with a running problem.

The Before Shot
The club in Bangkok we found organized a hash on May 4 in honor of May 5, 2555 BE.  Thailand uses the Buddhist Era to mark years, which are 543 ahead of Western calendars.  in Thai, the word for the number 5 is "ha."  Thus, May 5 was "Ha Ha Ha Ha Day."

A Peacock in Front of the Austrian Embassy
We wanted to celebrate the day but also wanted to be more inclusive of our non-running friends so we decided to make our own hash run.  Starting from our apartment, we ran a loop of about 3.25 miles with 2 stops, one of our favorite bars on Soi Suan Phlu and a second bar Soi Patpong.

No Caption Necessary
We then looped back through Lumpini Park and headed home for more beers and pizzas by the pool.  I think we all agreed that it was good time and that we should make it happen again.

And We All Made it Back in One Piece


  1. We will be there in a few weeks. As soon as we get settled I soooooo want to join up!

  2. Are you coming as an FSO? Let us know when you arrive and we can get in touch offline.


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