Well...first of all its not always easy being an Expat in Thailand.  However, Andrew and I have been able to find everything we needed and adjust.  However, being a Jew in Thailand is a lot more difficult.  I may have decided a little too last minute that I wanted to host a Passover Seder this year, but when I made the decision I was motivated.

Days before I scoped at the Embassy Commissary.  NOTHING!  The Embassy was fully stocked with Peeps, Easter Eggs, fake grass and baskets but not a single box of Matzah.  I began googling!  With a little help from a Facebook friend, I figured out the local Chabad House had everything I might need.  So Andrew and I got into the car in search of the Chabad House.  Oddly enough we located the place on Khao San Road, home to hippies, bars and tourists (and horrid Thai food).  However, the Chabad House had gefilte fish, matzah, horse radish and all the necessities of a good Jewish Seder.

We had some good friends over and had an excellent seder meal!  We have great Christian friends who placated me by sitting through the 30 minute Seder.  Overall an interesting experience and a great meal!


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