So!  As you may have heard, seen, read, etc.  We are pregnant!  We are incredibly excited and looking forward to all the new experiences this means to our family.  However, the first hurdle is being pregnant abroad.  We are due in mid-November!  When Andrew and I first announced that we were pregnant we were ASSAULTED with questions from friends and family, so I will do another FAQ!

But before I get there, this blog will remain a blog about our experiences abroad and our travels (which we still intend to have, for instance I am headed to Russia and about 1 week).  We hope to not make this blog baby heavy, but who knows....

Andrew took me out for my "soon to be mother's day" this weekend to High Tea at the Mandarin Hotel.  It was the perfect celebration of the upcoming events and we had a blast.  The Mandarin Hotel does a great tea!  I would suggest it as a "western" thing to do in Thailand.


Where are you going to have the baby?:  Naturally this has been everyone's first question, and a great one.  Andrew and I did EXTENSIVE research on the facilities here in Bangkok and spoke to women who have had children here.  We discussed a lot of things and have decided to have the baby here in Bangkok.  The facilities here are AMAZING!  And we really really like our doctor.  For you Bangkok residents, we settled on BNH because...well..its like 3 minutes away from the house, and we really like our doctor.

What if something goes wrong?:  USAID and State Department really care about the well-being of mothers to be.  If there is an issue or something is wrong, they will fund us to return to the states to a city of our choosing...hello houston!  The med unit here keeps documentation in event something like this occurs.  However, the facilities in BKK are on par with some in the US.

Are you going to learn the sex?  The moment we can!  And yes, we will let you all know!

Is there something in the water at USAID/RDMA that gets women pregnant?  I am not sure on this one...but someone should look into it~

Do you have more questions!  Please post below or on FB and we will get to them.


  1. Congratulations on the wonderful news!

  2. Haven't checked in for a long time. Wonderful news!


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