Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the FS abroad who needlessly suffered.  Not only those who lost their lives, but those who felt threatened or in danger.  Our lifestyles are difficult and we understand how difficult it must be to be far from loved ones and worried for your safety. We hope those who have felt threatened got the help they needed.

Andrew and I would like to thank our friends and loved ones who expressed concerns for us in recent days.  We are totally safe and do not feel remotely threatened.  We are aware of some upcoming protests due to recent issue, however, we do not feel these will hamper our lives. 

The Foreign Service is a noble job and at the very least US citizens and more importantly our friends and families were made aware more strongly of what we do in the past two weeks.  We hope the situation remains stable and as we monitor the protests we hope our friends in certain embassies remain diligent and safe.  Though we are serving at a rather comfortable post, we have both traveled on TDY and visited in some not as nice places where anything could have gone wrong.  We are lucky to have remained safe and secure in our travels overseas. I truly hope at the very least the events that have unfolded have expressed to those who doubt the importance of serving for the FS, whether as a development practioner or diplomant or those who have felt this wasn't a dangerous position, have a little better understanding of the threats my colleagues, friends and even family face.

The support from our friends has been amazing.  We recieved concerned emails, gchats and calls.  It meant a lot to us.  Please be reassured we are safe, our embassy is safe, and we have faith in the people of Thailand to continue to ensure our safety.

Happy New Year for our Jewish readers, and hopefully we will see the tide turn a little.


  1. Thanks for the links and updates on Facebook, we all liked knowing you guys were safe (and getting more info about what's going on).

  2. Glad you posted this.

    L'shana tova.



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