Well it's official. Andrew and I are crummy bloggers. More importantly we had good intentions, however, with the addition of LJ Dubinsky to our clan and my job getting WAAY more intense, well we stink. A couple brief notes to get you all up to speed. 1. Andrew entered the State Department Foreign Service and is a member of the 179th A-100 Class! (I will let him write about this experience himself) 2. We all 5 (Andrew, Whitney, LJ, Elko and Menlo) all for another week live in the exotic Washington, DC 3. We have been posted by USAID and State to.... Accra, Ghana. 4. Andrew departs in a week, Elko and Menlo -- Jan 25 and the rest of us in late February 5. Tandem couple means, double pack out. More to come. I am hoping since sadly Andrew and I will be separated for two months, there will be lots of time for each of us to blog. ACCRA BOUND!


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