I was very much excited about posting this week.  We had big plans ahead of us, a day of bird watching with Accra's finest birder and fun with hair dye.  Not riveting or exploring the world but the little things that make up life.  And then the plague hit us.

We have lived and visited lots of places in the world and the one thing that is consistent throughout is food poisoning.  I have been hit with Asia Belly, Timor Tummy, Cambodia Cramping, Israeli Intestinal disorder and finally Andrew and I got massively hit this weekend with Ghana Gut. This permeates our live because it takes a while for your stomach to adapt to the new bacteria in each country AND abroad you run the risk of not well washed food handlers or food.

Being gluten free in the US I am SUPER reliant on salads.  And though it has taken a couple months, I have to face the reality that I will just not be able to eat the lettuce in Ghana.  

This weekend was our first simultaneous Ghana Gut. LJ is 2.5 and doesn't quite get the reason we are stuck at home and what it means when Mommy is in the bathroom getting sick.  "No you cannot come in."

The best way we have figured to handle this FSO side effect is to wait it out.  I do have Cipro I picked up in Asia if it gets really bad, but that has long term effects on your liver and shouldn't be taken frequently.  Andrew finds that green tea fixes things for him and I cope with Soda water.  However, at the end of the day I still miss my mommy when getting super sick.  Sadly, we have to suck it up and be other peoples parental units.  More unboxing and birds to come soon.

FSOs/ military folks, any tips on coping with food poisoning


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