Bluum is a monthly subscription box that grows with your child and provides everything from toys to treats to clothes and eating accessories. In theory, this type of box is perfect for the kid abroad.  The website allows you to input your child's age, gender, and key milestones they have succeeded and sends you appropriate items.  As I struggle with "what is right" for LJ this box truly appealed to me.

Here is the box...

First and my favorite item is this Dr. Seuss "One Fish Two Fish" Bowl ($5.00).  Dr. Seuss is really big in our house and we are limited in kids eating accessories (because mom forgot to buy them before we left the US). I know LJ will LOVE eating on this and will encourage us to read more Seuss. "Constantinople and TIMBUKTU."

The expensive item in this month's box was the Kidz UPF 50+ Reversible hat ($19.00). The hat is a great quality and would be nifty, the only thing is, I DOUBT LJ will wear it.  We will see.

Next was the Block Books "Things that Go" Building Block ($6.00).  I have mixed feelings on this.  I know for a book its not age appropriate for him, but he may enjoy the block aspect of it.

Finally, we have a set of stacking rings ($8.00).  This one caught me by surprise because I didn't think it was that age appropriate.  I went back to my preferences and noticed I had in fact asked for nesting items (who knows why).  LJ is a little behind on both fine and gross motor skills so maybe this may be good to help him on that. He did have fun playing with it.

Bluum also has the option to "Bluum Up." Essentially this is adding an additional item to your box with no additional shipping.  Naturally, being overseas, this appealed to me since the box is already coming.  I did a search and spotted these awesome kids binoculars.  LJ's dad has been on a HUGE bird watching kick lately and is constantly battling LJ because he wants to use Dad's expensive binoculars.  Sadly, "use" is a light term. 

This Melissa and Doug pair will hopefully lessen the dispute :)

Bluum, much like BirchBox, also offers its users the option to rate the items they received for points.  You receive 10 points per item and when you have a total of 500 points you get a free box.  Seems high, but you also get points for Bluuming up.

Also, Bluum allows Mom's to chose one item for themselves to be added to the box if they would like to do so.  I passed on that, I get enough boxes :P

A 3 month subscription to Bluum is $81, 6 month is $150 and 12 month is $276. Overall out of 10 on quality I give Bluum a 10 (everything is good quality), 6 on cost, 5 on appropriate for LJ and 8 on fun.

You can sign up for Bluum here.

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