Another box day!  Actually Koala Crate also arrived, but I like to save those for when I can take pics of my son doing the activity as well. More to come this weekend.  Bombfell is a service very similar to Stitchfix.  The differences are clearly Bombfell is for men, and Bombfell sends a preview you can edit a head of time.

Andrew started getting Bombfell in Februrary when we arrived in Accra.  He was a BIG fan of Men's Style Lab, a similar service BUT (and this is a big one) they REFUSE to ship APO.  Andrew even attempted to email and explain.  Naturally, Bombfell is the preferred in our house.  Generally Andrew focuses on work clothing, but has splurged on the occasional super comfy Tshirt.

So let's unbox....

Oh yeah.  Andrew asked me to take all of these photos on Drexel Furniture so people believed we were Foreign Service. Bombshell comes in this underwhelming box, but each item is individually wrapped or packaged.

The first item was a brown belt.  Each box has seemed to have a nice belt.  Its weighty and really nice quality. A lot of the belts are pretty plain though, and as a token guy, Andrew has a hard time owning more than two brown belts.  I could own 20! He rarely keeps them and will be returning this one.

The box included two shirts from Johnnie O (a common Bombfell vendor).  Andrew is wavering on both shirts, but my opinion was the teal one looked great and was a great color.  Something I know Andrew would never pick up in the store.  The bottom shirt fit Andrew great!  Which is awe inspiring because Andrew has...odd arm and neck proportions.  We were super excited until we saw that it was $150.  In our house, that's out of the price range.  Both shirts remain in Andrew's maybe pile

However, Andrew was super excited by the pants. He was in desperate need of a comfortable pair of blue pants and they looked great on him.  Now, they were a tad long, but we live in West Africa and hemming is easier then finding milk.

One thing that puts me off about this box is this (what I feel as) snarky card that comes with each box.  It essentially says if it doesn't fit get it tailored, which in the US is easier said than done and can be pricey.  Definitely an area where it pays to be an Expat in Africa.

Overall Andrew rates this box out of 10 on quality 7, cost 4, appropriate for me 8 and "fun" 6.  Andrew felt this was a typical box.  He had asked for conservative and tropical and they met this challenge well. 

They ship APO and have agreed to allow Andrew extra time on returns as they only allow 10 days.

Check out Bombfell at
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