For those of you new to the blog, the Dubinskys currently live in Ghana, West Africa.  The culture here is a salad bowl of different tribal backgrounds with a plethora of languages.  However, the common thread throughout is a deep matriarchal respect.

A casual sign of respect here is to call someone "mommy."
At first I was VIOLENTLY opposed to this.  A storefront owner tried to catch my attention by yelling mommy at me and I didn’t have my son with me.  For some reason my American mind always goes I look like a mommy, am I looking old today, do I have a baby pooch. That being a mom has a negative look to it.

People and Ghanian friends, especially our househould help, call me mommy to catch my attention or when I have yet again forgot my purse in the house.  In the beginning, each time I would cringe.

I thought of other things I associate with being a “mom.” Soccer, mini-vans, the ever popular Mom Jean.  All negative and not at all who I am.

What I have learned in Ghana is at the end of the day I should be empowered by being called “mommy” and lose the negative perception. 
Not just own the power and respect that being a mommy brings, but put past the negative view on myself
. That’s right I am Mom! I may be an economist, a diplomat, and a whole bunch of other titles, but I am always A MOM!

Not every mom is the same but every mom should be proud!


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