We recently ordered a Daddy Doll for our toddler. She is two and a half and as she gets older she is asking “where” and “why” constantly.  We are state side, but my husband is active duty and travels constantly for work.  I had heard and seen these dolls for a few years, but never ordered one. I think I was waiting until our toddler was starting to understand that her daddy was not coming home at night. With more constant questions of “Where’s daddy?” and “Daddy workin’?”, I decided it was time to order her own daddy doll.  
At first, I think she was a bit confused, but it is great for bed, honestly really for anything.  She will bring her daddy doll to sit on the couch or sometimes I catch her sitting in bed reading to him.  Especially as she gets older and understands when he is gone, the doll will hopefully help ease her sadness because she has “him” with her whenever she would like. I have friends with more than one kid and that means more than one doll, which does get expensive, but I think the value for the kids of each having their own daddy doll is worth it.  She also says that the Daddy Doll only comes out when he is gone, and I think that is a smart decision and plan to follow when he returns.

The ordering process itself was pretty simple, just a clear still photo it didn’t matter the background they would cut around it. I have to say the photo is nice and clear on the doll.  I think from order to the door it was about 10 days, which isn’t bad because their page indicates it could take a few weeks.  It does seem a little pricey, but you can choose whichever background fabric you’d like or even make it double sided photos. I think the key will be the durability when daddy takes a “bath” in the washing machine.

Overall out of 10 we give it a 9 on quality, 8 on cost, and an 11 on appropriate for us!

One-sided dolls are $24.95, Two-Sided dolls are $32.95, and there are a bunch of other products. Check out Daddy Dolls!
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Shani lives and works in Maryland with her daughter. Her husband is active military.


  1. What a lovely idea for children whose Daddies are away! Thanks for sharing ;)


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