Well if there is one thing that unites us at the embassy or at post, it is the insurmountable American desire for coffee.  How many times have you ordered a local brew or bought coffee and been epically disappointed? And if posted to Africa, how much do you HATE Nescafe?

Don't get me wrong. Living in West Africa and previously in SE Asia has given us the best beans anyone can buy.  I once purchased a GIANT bag of coffee from Timor Leste (and then when we ran out, had a friend posted there throw two more giant bags into his household effects shipment). However, the art of roasting is still difficult in our lesser developed posts.

Recently, the Trailing Houses group on FB recently had a ton of comments about the "best place to get coffee online."  Naturally the answer has to be a subscription box right?  Andrew and I came across Craft Coffee online (amidst my purchasing boxes bender).  Sadly, we ran into a small hiccup right away.  Like other boxes you fill out a preference form that helps determine the product you get.  Andrew and I came to a sad realization that our coffee preferences in no way align.  After a small battle, conclusions were reached.

Our first box was set to ship.  We waited...and waited...and waited.  Sadly it would appear that our coffee didn't leave the warehouse.  Somehow it got stuck, so we missed our first shipment.  However, customer service at the company swiftly rectified the issue.

As you can see CraftCoffee isn't spending pomp and circumstance on packaging.

On June 10th, we received our coffee and what was truly cool was that each bag was marked with the roast date.  I like knowing that its fresh!  Along with an information card.

Since I had a delegation of upper level officials visiting from DC, I drank a giant cup of the Brazilian Mountain Air from Sao Judas Tadeu before heading to the airport to great them.  According to the label, it's Red Bourbon Pulped Naturally. The labels are fun, hints of almonds...

I was impressed with the flavor.  Overall I liked it.  I will admit I didn't love it. I was hoping for something with more strength to it based on the label.

For sake of fairness here is Andrew's take:

One of my biggest pleasure in life is coffee.  I have a confession, though.  I don't have the best palate and do not know much about coffee.  I do know that Starbucks overroasts their coffee (even ruining my beloved Timor coffee, in my opinion), leaving their coffee too bitter.  I prefer Dunkin Donuts.  To put it another way, I like milder coffee like breakfast blends.  And I like sugar and coffee creamer.  Another side note: I used to have a deal with a friend at our last post to buy as much frozen Coffeemate creamer as possible once the frozen shipment arrived at the commissary - small bottles only, they thawed well while the large bottles for some reason curdled.  Now I order the nondairy creamer in bulk from Amazon.

So the coffee finally came, and Whitney held me back from immediately ripping the box open in the Embassy parking lot.  Fair enough.  I suppose I wasn't going to eat the coffee beans there.  I did convince her to let me brew a pot when we got home.  I chose the brew based on the fact that it mentioned it would taste like bourbon - another of my big life pleasures.  I wanted to try it plain first - not bad.  I think I may have made it with too much water.  Noted for the next pot, which I really enjoyed.  I went back to 2 sugars, 1 creamer, 1 milk.  It was smooth, tasted good, and kept me awake all day with my normal 2 morning cups.  I'll try anything twice, but I'll look forward to trying this box twice.

Overall out of 10 we give it a 7 on quality, 7 on cost, 10 on appropriate for us (it's coffee) and 8 for fun! Visit and use Coupon Code ur3-tfh for 15% off your first box.

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