Have I mentioned I love drinking coffee? Even though I know nothing about coffee and do not have a strong palate?  Enter Drift Coffee: a coffee subscription box that promises to  "introduce a new coffee for each profile every month, so you can learn & explore how coffees from different regions taste."  They start you off with a free ($4 for shipping) 4-pack sampler to figure out which coffee flavors you like.  After that, you can sign up for one 7-ounce bag (makes 14 cups) or one 11-ounce bag (22 cups) every two weeks.  These subscriptions cost $12 and $16, respectively.  Driftaway roasts the coffee beans in Brooklyn, NY, and then ships them quickly so they stay fresh.

Our sampler box included coffees from Tanzania, Brazil, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.  Usually, we order Community Coffee from New Orleans, so we're expanding a bit.  I think our jobs define us as pretty adventurous people though.  Each 2-ounce bag of coffee beans made 1 pot of coffee.  We've tried the Tanzania and Brazil beans and really liked both.  

Even for someone who usually requires milk and sugar, these were both smooth, and I enjoyed both black.  I enjoyed them more with cream and sugar.  Even with APO shipping, they still tasted fresh.  For $32 a month, you're going to pay a little premium, but its still cheaper than going to Dunkin once a day.  I'm intrigued.  Let's see how Drift Coffee matches our preferred coffees next month.  For the expats, we're ordering our coffee beans on the internet anyway.

I give this Drift Coffee box (out of 10) a 10 on quality, 6 on cost (I don't think it will last as long in this house as they advertize), 8 on appropriate for me, and 5 on fun - its more a necessity than fun.


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