Ok, yeah we know.  Crummy Bloggers.  Andrew and I have been in Accra about 4 months now.  We are still getting used to our jobs, meeting people and adapting to new surroundings.  We have already hosted friends and co-workers in our house and have an entire staff of people on board helping us.  We have found the grocery stores, located the vet (who comes to us), and are discovering the restaurants we like.  Overall we are enjoying Ghana, on par with our abroad experience in Thailand.  Our 2.5 year old makes things slightly different, less exploring on a whim or jetsetting, but we learn a lot from him.  Currently we are in a never ending battle of "zee" vs. "zed" as being the last letter of the schools.

Andrew is truly enjoying his work.  He gets new and excited experiences and I have been in awe of watching him become an artful FS officer. My job has taken some getting used to as it is VERY different from my APEC work.  I am getting absorbed into the Ghanaian economy and really getting to specialize in something new and exciting.

I have fallen down the black hole of a subscription box addiction, so i think i am going to blog about those.  And I have set up a rather large veggie garden in the backyard so maybe I will write about that.

We get bogged down in wanting to give Blog Readers a "accra Ghana" experience, but instead this time around we are just going to write about whats going on in our lives.


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