It is inevitable in 2015 that we all take hundreds of photos on our phones that we post on Facebook and Instagram, however then what?  That is where Groovebook comes in.  Groovebook is a service we fell in love with after seeing the owners on NBC's Sharktank.  However, the company is now owned by Shutterfly.  

It is a monthly service.  Step 1) Download app Step 2) Pay 2.99/month 3) Upload photos 4) Get a monthly book of 100 pics! These books are awesome.  We each have the app on our phones and Andrew and I take turns uploading. They do have a monthly cut off so if you haven't uploaded by the book.

So let's unbox...unbook??

Groovebook sends regular mail so no special shipping is required.  The book comes in simple wrapper.

The photos are all bound with perforated edges that have the date and time printed on the top. We enjoy having print outs to share with our local friends here and to show LJ to remind him about friends and family we don't see regularly. Last week I gave pictures to our guard and it made his day.

Fun Tip: Groovebooks make great gifts.  The company allows you to send to other people, and in our case Andrew's grandmother LOVES them.

The only downside is on occasion the books themselves fall apart.  I can tell my son has been perusing Groovebooks because there are stray pictures all over the floor.

Overall out of 10 on quality 8, 10 on cost, 10 on appropriate for me (they are pics of my son) and 8 on fun.  I really enjoy going through older books with my son reminding him who all my aunts and uncles and cousins are.

Groovebooks APO and seems to be really efficient in timing. You can download the app in the App Store.  Please use coupon code DUBINSKY14 if you do!


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