For Father's Day, the family bought me a subscription to KinderBox.  KinderBox bills themselves as "the subscription box for real men" and promises to help you "release your inner man."  Exciting.  I picture a box full of knives, fine whiskey, and (wishful thinking) Lord Stanley's Cup.  After what seemed like forever, the box finally arrived yesterday.  The box is sturdy and comes taped shut. Ironically, I need to grab my trusty Swiss Army Knife to cut it open.

Kinderbox claims that each box contains over $50 worth of products.  The three-month plan cost $97.50, so we're ahead by $52.50.  This box contained White Knight Billy Jealousy facial cleanser, three Goodwipes deodorizing body wipes "for busy guys," a Range leather card holder, Spitfire Girl's pocket notebook, a Lumo flashlight keychain, and two Smokey Tom Turkey Snack Sticks.

Full disclaimer: I have not tried any of these products yet.  I'm still annoyed I forgot to bring the turkey jerky to work today.  They look like a slim jim, but we do not have any good snacking options near the Embassy, so bring your own.  

The facial cleanser bills itself as a MensHealth winner for best cleanser so I'm sure it's good quality.  But I like to think of myself as a "real man" and facial cleanser is facial cleanser.  Put in shower.  The Goodwipes are entertaining: "Directions: Remove cloth and unfold fully. Wipe cloth over the areas you wish to cleanse."  I think they forgot "open the packet." Oh wait, the two smaller ones do instruct you to "tear open, unfold, and wipe good."  Also, worth a shot, but not something I think I would buy on my own.  The Lumo flashlight comes with a caribiner clip and is exceptionally bright.  I actually just used it to read the Goodwipes label in my dark bedroom.

The leather card holder feels like good quality leather.  I think so far its my favorite part of the box.  Finally, the notebook is made from wood and recycled paper.  I literally read this lifehacker article hours before opening the box.  Interesting coincidence.  I tend to leave it around the house for making lists but let's see if this changes.

I give this KinderBox (out of 10) a TBD on quality, 7 on cost (sample sizes all around), 3 on appropriate for me, and 3 on fun.  I had higher hopes based on the pictures and products listed on the website, but this box seemed to be the foofier stuff that I just don't think interests "real men."  The last box had a meat tenderizer that looked like brass knuckles and this one had baby wipes.

KinderBox offers a 10% discount for military/diplomats.  Email for the coupon code.
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