Saturday in our house is "project" day.  Andrew and I try to spend at least an hour doing one-on-one art or music projects with LJ.  Koala Crate is the best thing for us, not only for our son but for being an Expat.  I can't articulate how hard it is to find art projects where I don't need to run to amazon to find a key part.  Since there are no Toys R Us or Targets readily available, finding construction paper or even scissors can be difficult.  Koala Crate sends us a box FULL of activities that last usually 25 minutes each and with 99.9% of the items are in the box.

So let's unbox....

This month's theme is Cityscapes.  I chuckled to myself that my son may not get exactly what that means given the noticeable lack of high-rises or tall buildings in Accra.  However, he understands blocks, paints, and stickers.

The first thing we see when we open the box is the children's book.  I think this was LJ's favorite part.  It's full of games and stories about that month's themes.  In addition, there is a helper handbook for Andrew and me to figure out the projects.

This month's box has three activities.  The first was blocks.  It's a simple project that involves putting stickers on blocks.  The upside is that after you finish, you have a GREAT set of blocks; the downside was LJ got pretty bored after block three, especially because we wouldn't let him put stickers on the table.  Minor meltdown.

Next project was decorating the bag the blocks go in.  A box after my own heart, built-in toy storage!

Our last, and definitely LJ's favorite, project was putting stickers on a card in the style of a cityscape (or just random stickers...he's 2.5) and then painting over it.  When the card dries we will peel off the stickers and reveal a great project.

Another thing I LOVE about Koala Crate is that they included a full bottle of paint, a bunch of stickers, AND extra cards.  In other words, we can repeat this activity another day.  Also, we (LJ and I) can use the paint for other craft projects.  I cannot say enough positive things about this crate from an Expat perspective.

Overall out of 10 we rate this box a 10 on quality (LOVE that the blocks are something he can continue to play with), cost X (nana pays for this one :/), age appropriate 10 (LJ is slightly behind on hand coordination and motor skills but was able to do most, he did get slightly frustrated with the stickers), "fun" 9 (only because we had a minor sticker meltdown.

Koala Crate is made by the Highlights Company.  It ships APO and comes about 5 days after other bloggers unboxing.  We have not asked the company about FS or military discounts.  For more information Koala Crate 

**Fun for the whole family :)  For my mom: LJ requested his Red Sweater...we do not normally dress for winter in West Africa
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  1. Hi there,
    I am so excited to find a blogger in a similar situation to us! We live (not by choice) in a remote community on the artic circle, and will be here for 3 years. The closest toysrus is an 8 hour flight away (no roads up here) and I am constantly running out of activities for my family to do (we have a 3 and a 1 year old). To add to the struggles is the fact that there is still snow on the ground (yes, in June!) So outdoor play is limited due to the wind conditions most days.

    I have developed a subscription box addiction, I am still waiting on this koala crates arrival (our first!), and am so excited to see its contents! I will definitely be following your blog !

  2. Misty

    Thanks so much for your feedback! My husband just went, "arctic circle, AWESOME!" I'll stick to freezing in West Africa. Have you looked into Bluum? I posted a link for a great coupon code.

    You can also follow us on FB

  3. It is pretty awesome! Definitely have had some adventures, as have you I'm sure. I spent a month in Kenya when I was in university and would love to visit the other coast one day....and the climate definitely is more agreeable to my taste :) I will have to look into Bluum, hopefully they ship to Canada!


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