Don’t forget EBATES!

As we serve abroad our dependency on online shopping has a tendency to grow and grow and grow.  We purchase everything from clothing to normal grocery products.  Recently I came across a close FS friend who wasn’t using EBates and my jaw dropped. was set up about 5 years ago and it’s a tool for marketing firms to track how we shop.  However, they are paying us to be tracked, so in my opinion it’s the best of both worlds.  With EBATES you set up a login and password and enter the website you are going to shop on.  For me the most common are Sephora, Amazona and Nine West.  EBATES pays you a percentage of your check out.
The cashback amount varies by merchant and may be restricted to specific products or categories. There are frequently double cash back offers, which you can learn about with email alerts, and you can still take advantage of any sales and promo codes that the merchants are offering. In fact, the Ebates site actually lists special offers for each merchant itself, making it kind of a one-stop shop to get the best deal you can.
At the time of this post, you received 4% cash back on all Sephora purchases, 2% at Old Navy and up to 25% off Amazon (though this has never earned me money as they are generally obscure).  Though these are small amounts they do add up.  Last month I got a check for $7 for doing my average everyday shopping.
Now that we have online check deposit with APPs depositing is even easier. So next time you go to shop for yourself in between things at work.  Don’t forget EBATES!
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