I can't articulate well how excited I am to review this box. The Geek boxes were what originally turned me onto subscription boxes, and especially NerdBlock.  NerdBlock and Lootcrate are two of the original geek subscription boxes. Geek boxes, unlike some of the others, do require you knowing a little bit about the back story on the objects to truly appreciate them.

This month's theme for NerdBlock was British INVASION.  Instantly, I think people expected to see Dr. Who, Monthy Python and perhaps some Harry Potter.  Teasers which came out throughout the month teased Mr. Bean and Sherlock. This box did not let down.

First sadly I have to add two large apologies (and if I didn't Marika and Margaret would call me out on it), I do not watch Dr. Who or Sherlock. My geek friends have teased me for this a lot, and it's something I always have wanted to rectify but hasn't happened yet.  So sadly, this amazing T-shirt from Sherlock was slightly lost on me. (But I hear its amazing if you know Sherlock).

Now the highlight of the box for me  was the "Nerd certified product of the month," the Dr. Who Titan figure.  Though I don't follow the Dr, I am a supporter and love vinyl figures.  This figure is great and I got the 10th Dr.

In addition, in Mr. Bean land there was Teddy (though cleaner and less ratty than the TV version) and the Mr. Bean Bendable figure, great for taking out the day's frustration.

The Whovian Art Print is nothing else to say on that.

And I am proud to say my desk is now covered in Monty Python quotes.  In fact, I unboxed at the office just so I could cover my desk in these.

NerdBlocks are 19.99 monthly + shipping or 16.99 per month + shipping for 6 months.  They ship APO, and we are still working to see if they offer military/diplomat discounts (we will circle back on that).

For someone overseas, it's great to get a nice touch of Nerddom, the down side being some of the stuff are just cute to sit on shelves.  But I'm a nerd and I own it.

Overall out of 10, I give Nerdblock 10 on quality, 9 on cost, 9 on apppropriate for me and 8 on fun (APO shipping sadly and no HP lowered the thrill factor).  Order NerdBlock here:

Oh and my son loved Teddy!

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes
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