I am gluten free. I am not celiac, and I don't have gluten allergies, but I have chosen to be gluten free.  This is not easy in West Africa, or anywhere for that matter. Snack foods are nearly impossible.  In addition, I am a mom and hate pumping my kid with fried food or snacks I am unsure on.

I began looking into services like NumNums Munch Box to find new brands and discover new products. The appeal of this box is its not only 10-12 snacks but each is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut free and free of any other allergy you could think of. 

In fact Num Nums even includes a list for you of every product in the box and the allergens its "free of."  Sadly, citrus wasn't one, but in their defense, I have weird allergies. However, upon additional research, had I requested a custom box, all of my weirdo allergies could have been met.

Now, I will say this, the food was incredibly diversified and GOOD.  I inhaled the Cassava Pops and even picky Andrew loved them.

Each product I picked up I was shocked to see was Gluten free and excited to try.  I won't lie - not all were out of the park. The bean and rice chips weren't my particular taste, but they were interesting to try.

Num Nums is $21.99 for a single box.  For the expat crowd, this is what we pay for one box of fruit snacks or chips. Though I do see the fact there is only one of everything being a problem.  Forced sharing between my husband and I is just cruel.  He might lose a hand (Kingslayer?).

Overall out of 10 on quality I give the box an 8 (the products were unique and good), on cost 8, on appropriate for me 9 (gluten free and lollipops for LJ) and overall fun 6 (loses one point for in-fighting between Dubinskys).

NumNums offers a $5 discount for military/diplomats. Use coupon code SAVE5 on check out.  Please note we expect our readers to use the honor system.

Disclaimer: Received for review purposes


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