Exercise abroad can be a challenge.  Whether we are battling extreme temperatures or urban traffic, running can be something we challenge to adapt to.  In Bangkok, for example, the only place it was tolerable to run outside was the 1.5 mi loop around Lumpini park and here in Accra you can easily run on the roads but always have a 10% chance of ending up in a sewer.  But I digress.

I looked into RunnerBox because I always strive to live a healthier lifestyle with a fairly decent workout regime and I thought this box might align nicely with that lifestyle. Runnerbox is a bi-monthly service that sends you the accoutrement associated with the runner lifestyle.

This month's box came with a great assortment of samples of everything from energy supplements to protein bars to awesome samples of kinesiology tape.  Now there was very few full size items in the box, but the samples that were included were large and give a great taste of the product.  I am not the type to go into the vitamin store, and since there is no store here in Accra it was a great way to sample these types of products.

If you are into healthy living and being up to date on the latest running and cardio products this is the box for you.  The assortment of protein supplements and energy boosters is perfect for the active lifestyle.  I especially recommend this for military as some of these products are hard to come by.  My favorites from this box included the running tape, which I have ALWAYS wanted to try and the caffeine gum. Though I won't lie, caffeine gum may just be used to perk me up at the office.

Also included in the box were samples of E-hydrate Gel, Intelligent Protein Snacks, Udderly Smooth body cream, Lip Balm, E-hydrate Drink Mixes (great for W. Africa), Fruiggies, Pocket Fuel, Bumblebar organic (and gluten free) granola bar, and the Runnerbox bottle opener. 

Overall, I really liked the box however, if you are a light gymer or light exercising supporter, this may not be the box for you. I would not gift this box to friends who wear makeup to the gym. RunnerBox is $21.25 per box for an annual subscription and $24.95 for one box.

In addition to this box, RunnerBox sent a Birthday Box for review.  Similar to the RunnerBox makes the PERFECT gift for the health nut you never know what to buy. The birthday box includes cute bday items like a popper and a different set of amazing samples.  I ate the egg white pop chips and immediately went to see if I could buy them for my family on amazon.

 (Flowers not included) The birthday box is a great price of $24.95. The highlight of the birthday box was the AthLights which are high power magnetic grip lights for security.  I am sure our Embassy Security Office would love if we all wore these while running.

Out of an overall 10 on quality I give RunnerBox a 7 (only because I would have liked to see a couple full scale items), on cost 8, on appropriate for me 5 and for fun a 10.  I will give RunnerBox credit.  I am definitely inspired to get out there and brave Ghanaian drivers. So thank you RunnerBox~

RunnerBox offers a 20% off discount for military/diplomats, please email or for the coupon code.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes

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