Well I am very aware there are PLENTY of unboxing sites.  And LOTS of bloggers writing about subscription boxes, HOWEVER, I decided to do some reviews of our boxes mainly targetted at Expats and FSOs.  I know I can't be the only Expat/ Diplomat who can't find a shirt or makeup abroad that works.  I can't be the only one who REALLY misses Target and grocery stores, so I decided to start "unboxing."

Today I am going to review my May Stitchfix.  First of all for FSOs and people who do not subscribe, Stitchfix is essentially an online personal shopper who you never actually speak to.  I started using their service about a year ago and have been up and down on it.  To be honest, I can tell how well each box is curated and sadly the same people don't do it every month.  Stitchfix, unlike other boxes is a "keep what you want" box, so you return what you aren't interested in.

So...let's unbox.

Stitchfix comes with an information card and suggested pairings.  I like that there is a personal element for the stylist to tell me why she chose what she chose.  I also like how the card gives you suggested pairings. However, I can't think of a time I have ever pulled one out to see how to wear a shirt.

This month's letter read as follows: "Hi Whitney! I can't wait for you to open and try on each of these pieces I have picked out just for you! Unfortunately we did not have too many skirts in inventory for petites, however, I did find you this Renee skirt which should fit you great [I'm 5'1]."  The letter continued on more about the jeans in the box, more on that to follow.

The first item in the box is a great white blouse.  I live in Africa, so I do struggle with whether or not white is a good idea, but the fit and look is great and its super light weight. It is a great shirt for work or play (cost: $48)

The next was another similar light weight blouse.  LOVE the color and I like the light weight nature.  However it is still baggy.  I decided to keep it for a...fat day shirt (cost: $48)

Now the rest of the box, I will not be keeping for various reasons.  Included and pictured below are the skirt and necklace (you always get one accessory that comes with the box.)  I have struggled A LOT with the accessories since I moved abroad because I feel like I can get the same thing for a third of the price.  At the very least, its nice to see the designs that are in style and maybe have some made here.

The jeans rubbed me the wrong way because I have repeatedly asked for no jeans.  I live in Africa! I wear jeans once a week MAYBE and that's when I am pushing the USAID dress code.  Either way I was more agitated that I have asked repeatedly. Side note, the jeans are cute.

The final item was a maxi skirt.  I tried it on and it was cute, but resembled two other skirts I already own.  I will say overall my experience this month was positive.  I think if I lived in the US I wouldn't have necessarily kept the blouses, but since they are a great quality (though a bit out of regular price range), I will keep them.

Overall I rate this box out of 10 on quality 6, cost 5, appropriate for me 7 and "fun" 5.  I have had better and worse.  Stitchfix ships APO (DPO) and arrived about a week after other bloggers did unboxing.

Stay tuned for more on Ghana, gardening and Unboxing.

On another note, I successfully talked in a fellow FSO into two other boxes, so maybe there will be guest posts.

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