Wantable Accessories is one of the boxes in my collection that I am ALWAYS on the fence about.  Like the other Wantable boxes, Wantable Accessories sends you 4/5 pieces a month for $40 and allows you to return for credit what you don't keep.  In my first two boxes I practically returned everything, which doesn't say much except they weren't my taste.

This month, I see they are adapting a little to more to my personal preferences, taking a simplistic yet funky approach. My opinion is still iffy as I feel like this service remains adult Claire's and can be hard to justify when living in West Africa, however, each month there is at least one piece I love.  This month it was the headband.

Included in the box was an Erica Headband with a perfect summery mix of coral and yellow beads, that the box suggests wearing with a low braid (will do!). (Retail $17.00).  I think its perfect both to my style and the surroundings I live in.

Next positive in the box was this simple Alexia Necklace (Retail $17.00) with two circular pendants that hang really low.  I think its simple and easy.  The only negative on the necklace was that it arrived in KNOTS it took me nearly an hour to get it wearable.
The last two I think I may be returning.  The first is the Becky Watch.  Its a cute borderline cheap-looking watch that is pink.  The fabric is a lowish quality however Wantable claims it retails for $26.00. Finally was the Cindy Earring Set which is just a set of studs to add to rotation.  Meh, Claire's...or perhaps Icing.

Overall I like Wantable Accessories because I am constantly surprised by what arrives.  I will be the first to admit when it comes to jewelry I am ROUGH to shop for. If you live overseas somewhere where this stuff is a plenty, Asia or Africa, may not be the best for you, but give it a try. Also, I love that all the jewelry comes in these cute little bags.

Overall out of 10 I give this month's Wantable Accessories a 4 on quality, 5 on cost, 5 on appropriate for me (they are getting there and 6 on fun.

You can give Wantable a try at:

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