Well, I know contributing author, M, did a nice write up about her first experience with Wantable Intimates, but I did want to add on my review of this month's box. This is my second Wantable Intimates box and I am still luke warm on the box.  It has potential.

To recap, Wantable Intimates is a monthly subscription where you pay a flat fee of $40 a month and receive a bix box of "intimates" that match your style.  Unlike AdoreMe, you are not picking out your items.  Wantable Intimates allows you to return the items you either don't like or don't want.

This week's box included the following:
  • Yummie Hazel Boyshort (returning)
  • Scallop Rose Bralette (returning)
  • Daisy Fuentes Mesh Lace Babydoll
  • Ozone socks
Overall this box was an interesting mix of items, nothing I was expecting.
The Yummie Hazel Boyshort and the Scallop Rose Bralette were both super cute in theory.  However, in boobs aren't that small, and sadly boyshorts..dont agree with pants in my opinion.  So both are being returned to wantable.

The Lace Babydoll piece is SUPER cute and the color is great.  But more importantly, I was uber excited to hear Daisy Fuentes of MTV fame was alive and well and made it through the 90s with all her faculties.  Well enough to use her name on lingerie.

In addition, this box included a FUN pair of Ozone socks.  there are a bunch of subscription boxes out there for sock clubs, which probably aren't the best for me because I live in flip flops in Ghana.  However, one or two cute pairs are always welcomed!

Overall I give this Wantable Intimates out of 10 a 6 on quality (its all still pretty Target style), 8 on cost (everything met the $40 mark), 4 on appropriate for me (the bralette was MAJORLY funny) and 10 on fun (even though they weren't for me they were fun to try on!)

You can sign up for Wantable Intimates here.

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