As Whitney has mentioned before (and, again, hide your credit card when she's around ;)), Wantable is a subscription box service that offers Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates categories in a 'surprise box' model for a fixed $40 price tag, and Fitness and Style options on a 'pay us to be your fashionista assistant' model, where you pay a fixed price ($20) for styling and then additional for the items you choose to keep. I was having a rough day, so I opted for what I hoped would be a box full of cute underwear - Wantable Intimates, here I come.

When you get the box it reminds you of what you selected
When you get the box it reminds you of what you selected
The Intimates program is $40, for 3-4 pieces every month. It first asks you for some measurements - after my experiences below I'd suggest going a bit larger than you are - then gives you choices of broad categories, and you can choose Yes! Sure or Nope. Do you want: Loungewear (sure), Lingerie (yes!), Tights/Hosiery (nope), Leggings (nope), Panties (sure), Socks (nope), Shapewear (sure), Bras (sure). My answers were based on living in W. Africa. I think I've worn socks maybe 2 times in as many years for things other than exercise, and you're couldn't me into tights here if you paid me. It then goes into each category you said Sure or Yes! to, and asks about your style for it: Basic or Colorful? Sexy or Polished? Etc. That is apparently where I made my mistake. My definition of colorful is not others', it would seem. I was thinking jewel tones, they were thinking tangerine and fuschia. I was thinking polished, they were thinking Urban Outfitters. But we'll get to that.

The box arrrived swiftly. I ordered on the 26th or 27th of May, and it made it through DPO by June 9th. They must have a great team hustling to get things into boxes. Inside the box you get your clothes, of course, but also a reminder of your style choices (see above), a breakdown of your order with prices and descriptions, and a cute little fashionista quote on the back of the purple paper.

As you can see from my order, I got a matching pajama/loungewear set in white/blue ($16.24), a fuschia and purple housedress ($18.55), and a tangerine thong ($5.22). Yes, you read that right. Those of you who know me are now allowed 2 minutes to go laugh hysterically at the thought of me ever wearing a tangerine thong. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

The suggested retail price for everything was $69, mostly split between the pjs and the housedress. In terms of prices that I would likely pay (or would see posted in a store, because I wouldn't buy any of these), I think the values were spot on, and thus the discount was more than fair. Unfortunately, something seems to have been lost in translation between my style and the clothes I received. 

This is the thong in question. I'm sure if you like thongs, and bright colors, it is a very lovely thong. I do not, and had thought I had clicked 'no' on the thong option. Apparently I had just clicked 'meh'. This has been rectified. Also, did you know that thongs have their tags in the front? I did not...

Next up was a pair of pjs - a tank top and shorts. Cute enough out of the box, I suppose, if you like the weird pattern trend that seems to be all the rage (I do not. It makes me think of Urban Outfitters). If it were a plain color, or a jewel tone, or, heck, even the tangerine above, maybe it would have had a fighting chance.

Maybe, that is, until I unfolded them and realized the true horror - ruffles. Ruffles adding volume where I most certainly do not need it - around the thighs and midsection. I am not a ruffle fan in the first place (lace, yes, ruffles, no), and the placement definitely had me concerned.

And then I tried them on. Oh. Hell. No. While light, and with only a mild scratchiness I expect would wash out fairly quickly, the material does not have enough substance to hold its shape. Instead, the top made like a loose sausage casing and enhanced rather than hid every pound I like to pretend I'm going to eventually exercise off. To top it off, the material was light enough to be slightly transparent - just not flattering.

It was comfortable, in that the sizing was correct, but it was nothing I could ever look in the mirror while wearing, let alone be seen in public. To be fair, however, the drawstring shorts were a super cute fit, and the ruffles not as terrifying as I'd imagined. They did do the weird volume-add thing, but as they were only on the front, this was lopsided. From the back I looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. May have to consider adding shorts to my wardrobe again.

Summary: It's a great idea, but it won't work. With a simpler (or no) patterned fabric, and a bit stronger material, I'd have kept them.

Finally there was the fuchsia and purple housedress. When I first opened the box I really thought I was going to keep it. I love house dresses, and I have a similar one that I live in on the weekends. I was all excited to have a bit of variety. Sadly, that was not to happen. Upon trying it on, the material proved to have the same issue as the pajamas - not thick enough to hold its own shape, and somewhat see-through. The thin horizontal stripes did not help my self esteem any, either. Very disappointing, and back in the box went the housedress.

Poor PK, scarred for life

Overall, while the price was good, the selection was very disappointing, and I may have lasting self-esteem issues following the sausage-casing feelings of the pj and housedress. PK was clearly scarred for life and will require kitty counselling to erase the horror from her feline mind.

I suspect the issues stem from a disconnect between the stylist and myself on what things like 'colorful' and 'polished' mean. Or I could just be picky... On the positive side, returns are super simple - just log on, go to your orders and hit the return button. Tell them why you're returning it, print your label, and pop it in the mail. We'll see if there are any issues with the timeliness of the DPO system - will report next time.

Verdict: A disappointing first box, but I'll give it another chance before pronouncing final judgement. If you're considering a Wantable Intimates subscription, may I suggest erring a bit on the side of conservative, and maybe adding an inch or two to make sure things fit loosely. I've updated my style profile to hopefully be more clear (making doubly certain to say 'no' to thongs), and ordered another box at the same time I printed my return label for this one.

  • Quality of items: 7 - I'd say they're Target/Walmart-ish
  • Suitability of items: 1 - Well, they did leave out the types I told them to. 
  • Fun: 2 - I still like getting surprise boxes. Just hope that next time the surprises better suit me!

Written by contributor M
M is enamoured of puzzles, presents, and proper spelling. She resides in W. Africa with a spoiled house leopard and enjoys tea and video games when she's not single-handedly saving the world.
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M is enamoured of puzzles, presents, and proper spelling. She resides in W. Africa with a spoiled house leopard and enjoys tea and video games when she's not single-handedly saving the world.


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